Der Krankenhausbetrieb des St. Josef-Hospitals Gelsenkirchen-Horst wurde eingestellt. 

Die ambulanten Angebote stehen weiterhin zur Verfügung und sind wie gewohnt erreichbar. 


St. Josef-Hospital

St. Josef-Hospital is a member of Katholische Kliniken Emscher-Lippe GmbH, a group of Catholic clinics belonging to the Catholic service partnership KERN Katholische Einrichtungen Ruhrgebiet Nord GmbH. St. Josef-Hospital is conveniently situated in Gelsenkirchen-Horst, on the northern edge of the Ruhr region. With its Clinic for Acute Geriatric Care and Early Rehabilitation, the hospital’s main focus is on geriatric medicine. The hospital currently has 75 beds for inpatients and 15 places for outpatients in its day clinic. The clinic both supplements and provides an alternative to full inpatient geriatric care and facilitates patients’ transition from full treatment in hospital back to their home environment.

The aim is for St. Josef-Hospital to become an important medical centre for geriatric medicine, psychiatry and gerontopsychiatry.

Day in, day out, we devote our extensive medical and nursing skills and knowledge to ensuring the well-being of patients

Important information for patients
Your state of health renders a stay in hospital necessary? Then please, first of all, contact the office of the relevant clinic or specialist unit and arrange an appointment. On the day of your scheduled admission, please go first to the gate at the main entrance, where we will take down your patient details, including your name, address, telephone number and nationality, insurance status and, where applicable, any existing payment exemption. We have put together a checklist for you detailing the documents you need to bring with you.

Important information for visitors

Visits from family and friends are especially important during a stay in hospital. The company and support of visitors can have a positive influence on the healing process and help patients to cope better with their unaccustomed situation. That’s why we would like to encourage family and friends to visit patients in our hospital.

We do, however, ask visitors to wait outside the patient’s room while medical or nursing staff are inside, providing care.

Please note that daily visiting time ends at 8 p.m. in the interests of a peaceful night’s rest for our patients.

Information about changes in visiting hours due to Covid-19.

Contact details of St. Josef Hospital
Rudolf-Bertram-Platz 1
45899 Gelsenkirchen
Telephone: +49 209 504-0
Fax: +49 209 504-26599

In an emergency: In an emergency, please contact: 112

Directions and Parking facilities
Our hospital is easy to reach on public transport and by car. Further information is provided below, including a Google map that you can use to plan your route.

Any questions? Give us a call – we’ll be happy to help!
Information switchboard: +49 209 504-0

Press office/Corporate communications
Telephone: +49 209 172-4670

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